Announcement of NENOX-X series will be relesed

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage.

In 2024, Nenohi's solid steel, NENOX series, will celebrate its 30th anniversary.
In this milestone year, Nenohi has developed the new NENOX X series.

We have always asked ourselves and still do:
"Where is the limit of sharpness?”
"How far can we go in making knives that sharp?"
Nenohi is proud to announce the new NENOX X series, a model that expresses our determination to continue to challenge endlessly up until now and from now on at all times.

The "X" in the series name is derived from "EXTREAM". The X series is for NENOX fans all over the world, and for those who pursue the highest level of performance.
The X series has succeeded in commercializing a very delicate steel material, which was impossible to process in the past, using a unique manufacturing method cultivated through years of research.
The sharpness of the X series is superior to that of the S series, and it is a "sharpness-specific type" that is as good as our full-custom steel.

The full lineup and details of the X series as follows!

<Shape and Price>
Gyuto 210mm : 120,000JPY
Gyuto 240mm : 130,000JPY

Kiritsuke-Gyuto 210mm : 130,000JPY
Kiritsuke-Gyuto 240mm : 140,000JPY

Sujihiki 240mm : 128,000 JPY
Sujihiki 270mm : 135,000JPY

Kiritsuke-Sujihiki 240mm : 138,000 JPY

Utility 195mm : 120,000 JPY

*The above price is for the knife only. 
  If you would like to purchase Magnolia Saya as well, it will cost extra.

*For customers whose delivery destinations are the United States, South Korea, China, and the Netherlands, please contact our overseas distributors.

<Handle for X series>
Dry Silver
Curly Birch Natural
Curly Birch Golden Yellow
*NENOX-S series handles can also be attached.

You can see the photo of X series on our Instagram (
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