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Magnolia Saya
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Product Details

Nenohi's first home knife series developed for those who want to use the highest quality kitchen knives for home use.
The blades are handmade by craftsmen with the same sharpness as professional knives, and the size and weight are adjusted to make them easy to use at home.

  • hand-sharpening

    [Commitment to hand sharpening]

    Nenohi's knives are hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen. You can experience the best performance of the knife immediately after purchase.
    By hand-sharpening all knives, we strictly check whether each individual knives is finished as planned.

  • Spinel / Heel polish

    [Commitment to spine/heel polishing]

    By precisely polishing the part that touches the hand, such as the "spine / heel" of the knife, to achieve a stress-free grip and use.
    Nenohi's precision polishing, which can be called "ultra-precision", further enhances the beauty of the knife.

  • Commitment to the handle

    [Commitment to the handle]

    On Nenohi, Japanese knives have an "octagonal pattern". Every time you pick up the knife, you can hold it at the same angle every time.
    In the work of "attaching the handle (attaching the handle)", we focus on making the knife balanced in the hand (lightening the tip) and attaching the knife (severely) immediately.
    Nenohi understands the importance of this seemingly obvious process and places special emphasis on it. The gap between the knife and the handle is carved from the same material (Magnolia wood for magnolia, ebony wood for ebony) and hammered into the gap so that even the gap between the handle is beautiful and the gap does not widen even after long use. In addition, by soaking hot wax into invisible gaps, it prevents water from entering, prevents the knife from rusting, and extends the life of the handle.

Product specifications

Blade finish: hairline finish Handle: olive wood Saya: magnolia wood (optional)

Usage/maintenance method

The blade is rust-resistant, but if you wash it immediately after use and wipe it dry, you can keep it in a clean state for a longer time. Not suitable for dishwasher.


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