NENOX-S Black Linen Petty

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Magnolia Saya
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Product Details

This is Nenohi's flagship product that uses a special solid material (solid steel) stainless steel that specializes in sharpness.

  • Hand sharpening by the Nenohi sharpener

    [Commitment to hand sharpening]

    Nenohi's knives are hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen. You can experience the best performance of the knife immediately after purchase.
    By hand-sharpening all knives, we strictly check whether each individual knives is finished as planned.

  • Commitment to heat treatment

    [Commitment to heat treatment]

    Through many years of research, we are researching what kind of heat treatment can be applied to steel carefully selected from steel manufacturers around the world to bring it closer to the ideal knife performance. Ignoring the general theory, the recipe for heat treatment on Nenohi is "how" to raise the temperature to what degree. It also calculates "how" to lower the temperature by how many degrees Celsius. We use a special quenching method that controls the temperature of each knife evenly, and a heat treatment called "cryo treatment (ultra-sub-zero)" that rapidly cools to -196°C to achieve the best knife performance in each grade. increase.

  • Commitment to NENOX solid configuration

    [Commitment to solid composition]

    Nenohi's specialties are the sharp, single-ingredient construction of knives called "Solid." (solid configuration)
    This manufacturing method, which is also called Honyaki or All Steel, is a very difficult manufacturing method when it comes to maximizing the performance of kitchen knives.
    It maximizes the performance of steel materials, and is characterized by extremely low distortion and bending of knives during production and use.
    This solid configuration realizes the severe kitchen knife performance that Nenohi envisions.
    This is the pinnacle of kitchen knives that Konohito has reached at the end of repeated research and training.

  • Hand-finished handle making

    [Reasons for hand-finished handles]

    In order to improve the knife performance with the above solid structure, if "making a delicate and tense blade" by severe quenching is performed, mass production of handles by welding will not be possible (because the risk of blade breakage increases)
    For this reason, Nenohi Western knives are dozens of times more expensive than welding, and it is necessary to make a handle by hand, which can only be produced in small quantities.
    Despite the fact that metal cannot be melted by welding, in order to assemble a large number of parts [without gaps], we also hand-finish ultra-precise stainless steel parts on Nenohi. If each part is not completely flat, gaps will be visible, water will accumulate, and rust and durability will be adversely affected. The precision handle making technology that prevents them is extremely difficult.
    In addition, the handle, which is hand-finished by craftsmen, is composed of a "smooth curved surface", and when you hold it, it feels like the knife will stick to your palm.

Product specifications

Blade finish: Hairline finish Saya: magnolia wood (optional)

Usage/maintenance method

The blade is rust-resistant, but if you wash it immediately after use and wipe it dry, you can keep it in a clean state for a longer time.
In addition, do not use the dishwasher for this knife.


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