Introduction of the custom made kitchen knives

Nenohi has developed and produced a large number of both Japanese and Western kitchen knives.
Now, in addition to more than 10 different series, we have also developed custom stainless steel knives for custom-made orders.

We have selected steel materials from all over the world, and after continuous research and development, we have developed a series of our "custom-made kitchen knives". This time, we would like to introduce them with a performance chart (our comparison).


[Reference Price] Yanagi 300mm: 240,000 JPY~ (excluding tax)

*Hand-Forged stainless steel
*Solid (mono)structure
*Sharpness like a traditional carbon steel by craftsmanship


Stainless steel with special cutting performance is further boosted by forging.
Almost all processes are done manually by skilled craftsmen.
Sakaki(榊) has a strong bite to the food when cutting, just like a traditional carbon knife.


[Reference Price] Yanagi 300mm: 260,000 JPY~ (excluding tax)

*Hand-forged Coreless Damascus Steel
*Clad structure
*Beautiful Damascus pattern


This is a knife of "Coreless Damascus Structure" made by layering two kinds of steel materials with great sharpness.
The structure is a "clad structure" but by using only the materials with great sharpness, it performs as well as "solid type knives.
This model has a beautiful Damascus pattern, yet has the same excellent performance as solid material.
(Reference information: "Solid" and "Clad" )


[Reference Price] Yanagi 300mm: 360,000 JPY~ (excluding tax)

*Zero-ferrous steel (never rust)
*The pinnacle of overall performance
*Solid structure(mono-structure)
*A certain level of sharpening skill is required to experience the performance (#8000 or higher recommended for final finishing)

This knife is made of non-ferrous steel that never rusts.
The material itself has the nature of cutting, and it makes the knife with an exceptional sharpness.
Normally, when the performance of sharpness is improved, the knife becomes hard to sharpen or maintain, but Hiiragi is easy to sharpen and has a feature that overturns the common sense of conventional kitchen knives.
It is the product that can be said to be an achievement of kitchen knives in terms of overall performance.


[Reference Price] Yanagi 300mm: 77,000 JPY~ (excluding tax)

*Popular in the kitchen knife industry
*Clad structure: Two-layer (three-layer for double-edged knives)
*Excellent cost performance
The stainless steel has been loved for decades.
This model is a stainless steel that can be customized for "custom shapes" at an affordable price.
 GINSANKO is a classic stainless steel with excellent cost performance and is used by many manufacturers.

The above performance values are based on a comparison of our own products and our own definitions.
Although we have defined the values according to the five items, in reality there are many areas that cannot be simply evaluated or compared. The evaluation may vary greatly depending on the user's environment, application, preferences, and budget.
We would be happy to help you choose your best knife that satisfies your needs.

These custom stainless knives are made to order. Please check the order process and contact us using the inquiry form.