Introduction of the NENOX-X series handles

One of NENOHI's commitments in the production of western knives(NENOX) is "making handles by hand finishing". Not only that, we also develop its design and molds of the handles on our end, we have been carefully selecting the materials to find out what's best as a knife handle, and to make them one of a kind regarding its design through uncountable experiments.

For the NENOX-X series, we have prepared the 3 types of limited edition handles, and are determined to continue to challenge endlessly up until now and from now on at all times.

For those handles below:

Dry Silver

Material made from glass fiber. (GFRP = Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
The material looks silvery beauty, and is made of "increased strength" by a mesh-like pattern that arranges fibers.


A material using carbon fiber. (CFRP = carbon fiber reinforced plastic).
It is characterized by a pattern created by a special weaving that flattens carbon fiber to make it stronger.

As you can see the image of Dry Silver and KAISEN, black dots may appear on those handles due to the porous nature of the material..
Normally, the dents can be covered by painting , but we do not paint our handles to make the most potential out of the raw material itself. Therefore, it stands out with cleanliness (= no risk of color fading off etc,.) and retaining the non-slip texture.

Curly Birch (natural / golden yellow)

Curly Birch has an unusual genetic structure of a variant of Silver Birch.
The unique gene influences the grain of the wood to twist, producing a beautiful and varied pattern.
*These handle are only available while supplies last. Please contact us for more information.

These handles presented here are only available with the NENOX-X series.
Please contact us via the NENOX-X series dedicated page to order.
If you have any questions about the X series products, please contact us via the enquiry form.